Hi, I'm Starrwyn

Our journey to unschooling began in early 2007 while living in Taiwan. It was quite an exciting one, and seeing my kids grow and learn in their own way has been so rewarding!

My kids have always been encouraged to follow their passions and Unschooling has given them the freedom to follow their interests which also led to them having their own little sideline businesses too as they were growing up, from selling popcorn to slingshots to teaching coding and guitar!

My kids, although they are now young adults, are social, entrepreneurial, passionate, artistic, sports lovers, music lovers, lovers of life, freedom seekers, rebels and rockstars....doing life differently, and most importantly, staying wild!

Now I want to share with you how you can raise entrepreneurs, rebels and rockstars too!

Discover Unschooling:

Unschool Yourself and Your Kids

Unschooling is perfect for the entrepreneur and for raising future entrepreneurs!

Unschooling allows kids the freedom to pursue their own personal interests, own their passions, dreams and goals. They have control over their own learning, in their own time, and in their own way.

Learning happens naturally and gives kids a greater sense of independence and the opportunity to follow their interests and go after their dreams while sharing adventures and making discoveries!

I began unschooling my kids in 2007 and think it is the most empowering, passionate way for kids to live and learn!

I also believe it is a great way to give kids the foundations of what is needed to be an entrepreneur.


  • You are your own authority
  • You learn how to learn anything
  • You learn what you are passionate about
  • Creativity is not stifled, but encouraged
  • Encouraged to do your own thing and not be a crowd follower

These are some of the most important things to learn if you want to eventually have your own business and some key skills for an entrepreneur.

Most of us today want to earn an income online, leave the 9-5 and be at home with our kids.

As an entrepreneur, you challenge traditional ideas and you take the path less travelled, rather than the safe route that others take. You break the mould! Which is why, as an entrepreneur, you should unschool your kids!

But, there are other reasons too:

Learning - As an adult you are figuring things out all the time, you are learning all the time. You want your kids to have that same passion, to question and explore new things...to love learning.

Innovate - Schools teach kids to follow orders but kids who are going to vanquish the world are innovators, the ones who do life differently.

Passion - Finding your passion and making a living off it is what entrepreneurs do. Kids can start doing what they are passionate about NOW!

Risks - Unschooling can feel risky because you are doing something off the beaten track, but it comes with great rewards. As an entrepreneur you are not afraid of risks. You want your kid to be awesome and unschooling is a great path to achieve that.

Independence - As an entrepreneur you want independence and to be your own boss, and that is what you want for your kids too.

Unschooling is full of risk, hard work and uncertainty...which is why it is perfect for the lifestyle maverick, entrepreneur and digital nomad!

And I created this course to help YOU on your journey!

Raising Entrepreneurs, Rebels and Rockstars is for you if:

You are a lifestyle maverick, entrepreneur and a freethinker wanting to raise entrepreneurs

You want to raise kids who are confident and are able to blaze their own trail in the world

You value rewarding, enriching life experiences and want the same for your kids

You want your kids to find their passion & in doing so will find their purpose

This course is for anyone who wants more for their kids than the 9-5 j.o.b.

You want your kids being the leaders & innovators of the future


What are the requirments for this course?
  • An open mind and to expect a paradigm shift in how you perceive education
What will you get from this course?
  • An understanding of unschooling
  • How to support your kids love of learning
Who is this course for?
  • This course is for entrepreneurs or parents wanting to raise entrepreneurs, rebels and rockstars and are looking for an alternative to the traditional schooling methods.
  • Anyone else insterested in unschooling

What's inside?

The Proof is in the Pudding

Asia-Faith, 18, is a singer/ songwriter.

She started writing music when she was 13 years old, and performs her own original songs and covers at various venues around the island.

Recently, she signed a contract with a German producer.

When she is not writing music or performing her songs, she can be found with her camera taking photo's.

Keanu-Storm, 20, is a lover of all things digital.

He is a gamer and started teaching coding to kids when he was just 15 years old.

He is also a kite-surfer and works with his brothers at Willow Surf Center.

He is an animal lover, and if he's not on the water you can find him skating, wake boarding or playing guitar.

Talis-Rain, 22, has a passion for the ocean and is also sponsored by Core. When he is not on the water you can find him behind the camera!

He is a photographer and videographer and a social media manager. You can also find him playing guitar when he's not on the water or behind a camera!

Talis-Rain also works at Willow Surf Center.

Willow-River, 24, developed a love for kite surfing and at the age of 15 years old became a sponsored kite surfer and team rider for Core.

He started travelling the world at age 15 and continues to travel and pursue his passion. You can also find him wing-foiling on the ocean and when he is not in the water, he is cycling around the island or playing guitar or cajon!

He now owns his own mobile wing-foiling center, Willow Surf Center.

Don't believe me, believe them

Many thanks to Starrwyn for a great course on unschooling and raising entrepreneurs, rebels and rockstars. I found it well organised and easy to follow with video, text, notes and additional links. This was perfect for me as my homeschooling has evolved from a more traditional approach to unschooling as well as supporting efforts of my 12 year old in entrepreneurial pursuits. It's great to have support from someone who has done it and I really like the recurrent theme of trusting the process and your kids!

Thanks again!


I think it's great, especially for those who are new to it.


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